Digital + 3D.
AR / VR / MR / XR.


I’m Sean Pinwill


My creative process reflects my interest in how people experience and interact with design and technology. How it affects communication, the learning process, brand awareness and the impact on day-to-day decision making. While I’ve worked in just about every discipline across the ad world, most of my big ideas live in the digital world. I have a solid understanding of design systems, user behavior (UI/UX/CX), and supporting interfaces. I thrive on reinventing the way businesses traditionally market themselves with new and emerging technology, but also have a lot of nostalgia for antiquated tech as well. I appreciate vision and the unexpected uses of tech and data, just as much as I appreciate an early 60’s vintage surfboard that’s in disrepair. Like most creatives, I’m always creating and reinventing my craft.

I started my design career like most of us knee deep in the trenches, first in a design trade house on the Sunshine Coast, before transitioning to the flashing lights of advertising and events. I freelanced my way around the Brisbane and Sydney advertising and design agency scene, learning from the most talented and not afraid to soak in new skills and disciplines outside my creative realm. In past roles at augment, Black Ink and SMPC, I was involved in producing the creative magic for conferences and product launch events, retail print marketing and digital campaigns as well as training and education programs and incentives. Over the past 8 years, I have once again transformed my creative and digital craft into exploring new ways to help drive brands forward online, offline, across mobile and social. Tapping into immersive content, storytelling and machine learning applications (ML).

I partner with brands and businesses across a broad range of industries, enhancing their creative and digital needs, and supporting teams to achieve greatness across strategy, design, marketing, web, and digital content creation. Best of all educating clients on immersive technology (AR / VR / MR + ML), its many uses and fit across business to deliver impact across products, social, education and training, streamlining prototype development, 3D content creation, visualisation and visual experiences that move people.

Sean Pinwill Graphic Designer UI UX Website Design AR VR XR Producer

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