Digital + 3D.
AR / VR / MR / XR.

Learn how to create ongoing value through AR communications & technology.

Purposeful Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (known as XR) digital experiences that are focused on user-centered experience design.

Seamlessly integrating and publishing AR content across a variety of channels including Web AR, Social AR and Mobile AR.

Photorealistic AR content that is delivered in real-time to users via web browsers on iOS and Android mobile devices.

I can help you define and focus on solving real industry problems, deliver digital brand activations, produce event AR experiences, create virtual prototypes and evoke tailored learning and discovery across new audiences.

Increase engagement opportunities, SEO and return on investment (ROI) across digital marketing.

  • Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality Consultancy
  • 2D/3D Content Creation + Production + Distribution
  • AR / MR / VR Strategy
  • WebAR + Social AR + Mobile AR
  • Product Design Prototyping + Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design + CX Focused
  • Web AR Workflow + Implementation
  • Online Shopping Cart AR Visualisation + Integration
  • ARKit + ARCore
  • USDZ / GLTF / GLB 2D/3D Model Conversion Tools
  • Analytics + ROI

Retail In-store Experiences

Complex Product Visualisation

Web based Mixed Reality

Educational AR Experiences

Home Design Planning & Visualisation

Retail & Office Fit-outs

Immersive Event Activations

Drone Scene Capture Photogrammetry

Scene Capture Photogrammetry

Product Visualisation

Mixed Reality Portals

Visualisation of Underground Infrastructure