Hello. I am Sean Pinwill.

AR / VR / MR / XR.

About me.

I am a passionate result-driven creative specialist who loves nothing more than showcasing strategic ideas into a digital world.

With 18 years’ experience in the creative, events and digital industries, I continue to inject my passion for creativity and technology into everything I do to create ‘OH YEAH’ moments for clients and their audiences. Strategically combining consumer insights, strategy and storytelling to help improve communication, visualisation and user engagement.

As an experienced creative director and people leader I have a proven track record of producing and launching branded campaigns, educational products and immersive experiences into highly competitive markets for brands such as OPTUS Retail, FIFA World Cup, St George Bank, Westpac, Zurich Australia, The Australian, Monash University and the Australian Curriculum.

I have a strong understanding of the mechanics behind AR/MR/VR and continue to seek out new opportunities across this exciting technology. Especially in the areas of product development, education & training, UI/UX & improving platforms for the delivery of immersive content.

My experience and knowledge across multiple industries has provided me with a broad range of skills, making me a valuable addition to any team. I have a proven track record for connecting the dots and delivering the undeliverable time and time again working alongside clients to produce amazing outcomes. From start-ups, SME and multi-national companies.

I’m at my best wearing multiple hats where I can apply the full range of my experience and skills; leading and supporting teams to develop and grow, enabling them to do their best work; and working with a diverse group of stakeholders, from customers, to staff, supporters and executive teams.

At my core I have an underlining passion to utilise immersive technology to aid in everyday problem solving, tranforming creative ideas into digital experiences that can improve & support the lives of everyday people.

I continue to seek supporting roles to help businesses, brands and studios with overflow and strategic projects. Please contact me to discuss your next project.

Hello, I’m Sean. A Design Specialist who sits at the Crossroads of Creative and Technology.

A unique combination of CREATIVE thinking,  skilled DIGITAL, MARKETING and IMMERSIVE experience, born and bred for meeting the evolving challenges that business presents.